Lawn care treatments

The incorrect product or treatment applied at the wrong time of year or in the wrong weather conditions can produce disappointing results and do more harm than good. As such the seasonal treatments shown below are adapted and changed in line with the seasons and the varied weather that we experience in the UK.

spring treatment

This first treatment of the year invigorates the lawn after winter to provide lush growth and deep green colour whilst starting the assault on the many varieties of lawn weeds.

summer treatment

Grass is encouraged to thicken and green up whilst the more troublesome weeds have to be dealt with so as to not ruin the lawns appearance.

autumn treatment

The focus here is grass root development to toughen the grass for winter and the start of moss control together with further weed control if required.

winter treatment

Winter moss can take over and ruin the look of your lawn, so this treatment not only feeds the grass as well as hardening it against disease but also reduces moss and helps inhibit its growth.