The new growing season begins and so does one of the most basic but important lawn care activities that you can provide to maintain your lawn - mowing. Frequent mowing at the correct height will allow the grass to have deeper roots, strengthen and thicken. See our mowing tips for further information. 


Summer is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your healthy lawn but to ensure it continues to look its best make sure it has plenty of water during the dryer days and do not over-mow your lawn in hot weather and do not mow it too short. If regular watering of the lawn is not something that you want to do then consider having a water conservation treatment in early summer to help retain moisture in the soil. If in doubt simply ask Lawn Style for advice. 


Autumn is the prime season to perform those all important but often neglected tasks such as Scarifying, aerating, overseeding and top dressing so that the lawn will look great next summer. These operations can also be carried out in the spring but timing is critical.


The winter weather can be a problem for your lawn but you can give it a helping hand by trying to keep off it as much as possible especially during frosty and very wet periods. Fallen leaves not only smother and kill the grass plants but create an ideal environment for moss, disease and worm casts to form so clear fallen leaves and debris on a weekly basis. Any moss which has been killed as the result of moss control treatment needs to be raked out in late winter and as we go into spring. Keep an eye out for any areas of the lawn that puddle after heavy rain which is an indication of soil compaction meaning your lawn will benefit from aerating in the spring.